First Annual Ladies Ride 2016

First Annual Ladies Ride 2016

And why should the guys have all the fun? It was a notion that developed over a weekend in Dayton, Ohio at the Muddy Buddys Dayton Offroad Expo. Whether you were a spectator, contestant or vendor, you could feel a buzz in the air for trail riding season to begin. Everyone was eager to finish up a mod or learn about up coming events. But it wasn't just the guys we met, the girls were equally excited, if not more.   We began to realize how many Jeep girls are now in the Jeep community. Some had driven the trails, pulled winches, performed a trail fix. Some were a passenger on the trail while their husband drove. A girls ride needed to happen! 

We decided Slade, KY would be the destination. Hyter, who is Sales Manager at ATO and his wife Jessica have extensive knowledge of the area's trails and would be able to map out a good trail ride. We converged at Koops gas station Saturday morning to air down and have a drivers meeting. From there made our way onto the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, a moderately challenging trail in some of the most remote and scenic territory in the State of Kentucky including the Red River Gorge. We forded several creeks and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery. From there we cut off onto a side trail to drive down Holiday Hill. We wanted to give ourselves a little challenge and the girls did great! Once we all made it down we decided to take a lunch break and raffle ATO giveaways. After lunch we continued down the trail and made our way back onto the DBBB and a few other trails. 

After a long hot day we drove though Nada tunnel to get to a local swimming hole. There, some of the girls jumped off a rock locally known as "jump rock." We cooled off and made our way back to our Jeeps. There in the parking lot we found a car full of guys who had accidentally gotten their car stuck and it was precariously hanging off an embankment. Us Jeep girls new what to do! Our off-roading skills came to good use as we were able to pull the car out and back onto the road.

We said our goodbyes to some of the girls that were heading back that evening to the Cincinnati area. The rest of us were camping for the night. We ate at Miguel's Pizza and enjoyed the camp fire.

Next morning, we made our way to Red River Rockhouse where we had a delicious breakfast and coffee. Our agenda for Sunday was to see the Natural Bridge before making our way home. We took the sky lift up to the top and got to walk the top of the natural bridge and also walk under the arch. It was an amazing site to see and a wonderful way to finish off an awesome weekend! 

Each one of the girls were heard saying how much fun they were having or thankful they had etched out the time to make the ride. Everyone was genuinely excited about being a part of a ladies ride. So plans are being set for the next annual ladies ride. When it is closer to the time we will post the event on our Facebook page. If you are interested in joining the ride reach out to us and let us know you would like to come!

Author : Selina Bogan