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Rock Hard 4x4 Aluminum Patriot Series Full Width Front Bumper for Jeep Wrangler JK 2/4DR 2007 - 2016 [RH-5046]

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Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the heaviest duty and highest quality Aluminum Full Width front bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2/4DR

Our full width top of the line flagship armor upgrade is now available in weight savings Aluminum! It looks as good as it performs and when you see one installed on a stranger's Jeep you want to walk over and touch it. Clean lines, exact fitment, and included features make it the undisputed leader in JK full width aluminum offerings.

Total Weight: 37 pounds!
Steel Version: 137 pounds

Not all bumpers can tackle all trails. Sometimes it takes a full width, tire covering, fender protecting, 1/4" thick plate aluminum bumper to survive your toughest adventures. This is that bumper. It's the big kid on the block with a look that's all it's own. Winch ready and installs in minutes - our full width is a healthy does of bolt on armor that will cure what ails ya'.

It's one thing to be Made in USA. It's another to be given the time, quality, and craftsmanship only RH4x4 offers. Each front bumper is laser cut from 1/4" thick aluminum to live up to it's lifetime guarantee and give you precise fitment. It's then bent and formed into it's shape, hand welded, and ground down for a look no other manufacturer (overseas or domestic) can offer. Each bumper is then powder coated in house, by hand, individually - so every nook and cranny is protected. The inner structure is a geometry test of gussets and support. We sleep soundly at night knowing RH4x4 customers can play off road, winch recover, tow, and do-all with our armor installed, then rinse and repeat.

Our bumper is more than a plate of aluminum, it's a fully loaded road armor upgrade bolted to the front of your Jeep. With standard included upgrades like laser cut Hi-Lift jack recovery points, double welded recovery shackle tabs, light mounting tabs, OEM fog light compatibility, pre-drilled winch mounting holes, and straight to the frame horn mounting - our bumpers scream Premium. Maybe that's why they are such head turners. When you see a RH4x4 front bumper on the trail - you just get it.

This bumper uniquely positions your winch on TOP of your frame rails, not lowered. This makes all winches compatible with our bumper with zero trimming required. For a list of lowered winch plate front bumpers, please click here.

Ease of Installation
It's been known to take longer to uninstall your OEM front bumper than it takes to install our front bumper. This is achieved through our unique "DTF" or Direct-to-Frame mounting method. This gives us not only a precise mounting location to your frame horns it also makes for the most secure way to mount your bumper. Plus, unlike overseas produced bumpers with a "one size misfits all" approach, we don't cut any corners when it comes to one of the most important upgrades you can add to your Jeep.

RH4x4 Front Bumpers are very recognizable for two major reasons: owners bragging about how strong it is and it's innovative features that come standard. What makes up a RH4x4 bumper is what makes them so strong.

Integrated into every RH4x4 front bumper is a tapered down and back section of 1/4" aluminum to protect your expensive and vulnerable Sway Bar Disconnect motor and crash bar. The RH4x4 bumper acts like a slide vs a dimple cut and perforated bolt on addition like many other manufacturers. This gives you a better glide over obstacles vs a catch point.

Double welded recovery tabs. We go a step further than competitors by not only welding the front of our recovery tabs to your bumper skin, but then also spin the bumper around and weld the backside as well. Strength and confidence only found in a RH4x4 bumper.
Our heavy duty Recovery Shackles can be found here.

Factory fog lights compatible. Our front bumper line is fully OEM fog light compatible. If you have aftermarket fog lights that fit into an OEM bumper, they are guaranteed to fit into ours as well.
*Please note, HardRock Edition and 10th Anniversary Edition fog lights DO NOT fit in the OEM plastic/standard front bumper fog light mounts and are therefore not compatible with a Rock Hard 4x4 front bumper fog light mount.

Laser cut into the bottom skin of our front bumper are Hi-Lift jack mounts. This standard feature we offer makes recovery or trail repair safe and simple.

Unique "DTF" Direct-to-Frame mounting method - our undisputed leading approach angle comes from how we mount our bumpers. By installing through the front "face" of our bumpers directly into your frame horns we can achieve a greater approach angle. This means less "hang ups" on the trail and the ability to tackle tougher/tighter turns.

Flat tow ready - because we mount our bumpers directly to your frame horns we can also offer a safe flat tow method. Please see the FAQ below to learn how you can flat tow your Wrangler via our adapter kits.

Integrated aftermarket accessory light tabs - welded to our bumper hoops are two, twin light tabs. These fit all aftermarket off road lights giving you the option of mounting separate lights or a light bar of your choosing. Lights not included.

Hand welded / ground finish - our bumpers look gorgeous because of their individualized finish work. Prior to powder coat each bumper is given it's own moment in the spotlight. We hand weld all our bumpers then grind down the welds. This gives us the opportunity to spot any defects or imperfections prior to shipping to guarantee you receive a gorgeous looking armor upgrade.

What comes in every kit:
  • Front Bumper
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Three Reasons Why:
  • 1/4" thick plate aluminum
  • Integrated crash bar / disco skid
  • Full width coverage

SHIPPING NOTE: This bumper ships pallet / truck freight.

In the News:

Four Wheeler, 2014

"Dump weight on your ’07-to-present Jeep Wrangler and you’ll improve overall performance. Rock Hard 4x4 can help you do this with their full-width aluminum front bumper for the popular JK. It’s so much lighter than the steel version that it can be easily picked up by only one person. "

What winches fit this bumper?
All popular winches, including the best selling WARN VR and Zeon series - right up to the value packed PowerPlant, fit our bumpers. In fact, if you don't have a winch selected yet, Rock Hard 4x4 is an authorized WARN winch distributor. We can add any WARN winch you like to your pallet and you wouldn't pay any additional shipping. This ensures your entire upgrade arrives at the same time which speeds up install and gets you on the trail sooner! If you'd like to take a look at some of our favorite WARN winches we have in stock, please visit

WARN Zeon PowerPlant Winch

What do I need to flat tow my Wrangler?
If you have a Reese, Blue-Ox, or Road Master tow bar bracket we have the ultimate accessory for you. Because of our unique mounting method, you can simply bolt on the following mounts to our front bumper and have a perfect fitting adapter.
RH-8000-RS - Reese tow bar bracket kit
RH-8000-BO - Blue-Ox tow bar bracket kit
RH-8000- RM - Road Master tow bar bracket kit

Is any welding required?
No. Our front bumper mounting system allows for a DIY no-weld, truly bolt-in install.

Do I need a secondary skid for my OEM Rubicon Sway Bar Disconnect Motor (if equipped)?
No. Our front bumpers extend down far enough to your OEM crash bar to give all Wranglers unparalleled protection. Some other manufacturers require you to spend hundreds of dollars on a bolt on addition to protect your Disco-motor. Our bumpers come standard with a specific plate to offer protection.

What winches are compatible with our front bumpers?
Virtually all winches are compatible with our front bumpers. On our lowered winch plate bumpers the Warn PowerPlant and some Zeon winches require minor trimming on your frame horn. This can be done in seconds with a grinder or saw.

What is this bumper made of?
1/4" thick plate aluminum.

Is this a Lowered Winch Mount or Standard (flush height)?
This is a Standard mounting plate bumper.

I have a 2012 or newer Wrangler JK. Do I have to relocate my vacuum pump?
Only on our lowered winch plate front bumpers. If it's an RH4x4 front bumper with standard winch plate (flush with top of bumper) then no relocation is necessary.

Do HardRock and 10th Anniversary fog lights fit in this bumper?
No. HardRock Edition and 10th Anniversary Edition fog lights DO NOT fit in the OEM plastic/standard front bumper fog light mounts and are therefore not compatible with a Rock Hard 4x4 front bumper fog light mount.

What finish is available?
RH4x4 front bumpers ship powder coated black with a semi-smooth, semi-gloss finish. Raw, paintable finish available upon request.

Where is this bumper made?
This product, like all RH4x4 parts, was designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and if applicable, powder coated, and shipped in the USA. And we don't mean the 75% legal standard to be able to say Made in USA. We are 100% Made in the United States of America!