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ARB 50QT FRIDGE 10800472

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The ARB 50 Quart Refridgerator has been designed to be the ultimate outdoor refrigerator to provide you with years of camping or traveling use. ARB designed this fridge to be one of the best accessories you can keep in the back of your off-road vehicle, and here is why.

The fridge has been designed specifically for off-road use. This fridge features a steel cabinet that is not too heavy enough to move around when needed. ARB kept in mind that this refridgerator will be moved around on a regular basis, so ARB used injection molded lids and bases to save weight, and makes it simple for one person to manage. This fridge also features durable steel carry handles to provide the user with a strong and secure means of moving the fridge from one location to the next. 

The lid on the ARB refrigerator has been designed to be able to be removed with ease due to height issues when stored inside a vehicle. This also makes it a lot easier to remove or store items, and it makes it easier to use when cleaning the refrigerator. But don't be fooled, the lid on the ARB refrigerator is secured with a positive locking mechanism.  

Other features include a storage basket that can be flipped around to utilize the full capacity of the fridge. And in the night time, there is a built-in LED light inside that shuts off whenever the lid is closed. This fridge comes with premium temperature controls to make sure your goods and perishables are kept fresh and in good shape. 

To make sure the fridge is operating at full efficiency, a cover will be included to provide extra protection to the fridge while not in use. 

Here are additional specs of the ARB 50 Quart Refridgerator:

·    Can hold 72 X 12 OZ cans
·    10° C to -18° C
·    Weight: 49.6lbs
·    Outer Dimensions: H 20” X W 11.2” X D 6”
·    Main Compartment: 15.8” X W 11.2” X D 13.3”
·    Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC Power