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Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the easiest way to install your front license plate onto your winch roller fairlead mount plus secure it to your fairlead!

Don't zip tie your license plate to your bumper or roller fairlead! We've landed on the moon - no more dark age methods of keeping your Jeep legal with a front license plate. Add our heavy duty license plate mount with security lanyard. Our mount uses extreme duty and weather resistant steel clips to attach to your roller fairlead. Our security lanyard plus keeps your plate from falling off during off road adventures and would be plate thieves honest.

Don't be the wheeler on the side of the road getting a ticket for no front plate and zip ties are a temporary solution. Our metal construction front plate mount will last the life of your off road vehicle and the security lanyard keeps the plate in sight even when winching. When its time to unspool, simply unclip the front plate mount with a tug and let it hang safely below your bumper. The process to reinstall your plate mount is just as easy.

What comes in every kit:
License plate mount
Installation Instructions

Three Reasons Why:
Installs in seconds
Security lanyard prevents plate loss
Compatible with many fairleads

In the News:
JP Magazine, April 2012
"MagLite holders are all well and good to attach your license plate to your fairlead, but unless you back the plate with some kind of metal it will eventually tear. And once you source, cut, de-burr, and paint your home-brew setup and get it all together it is only a matter of time before you lose it somehow. Why not save a lot of time and aggravation with this pre-made solution from Rock Hard 4x4 that isn’t based off plastic clips that will break in cold weather? There are actual metal clips to hold the plate to the fairlead and a cable lanyard to make sure that your license plate doesn’t get misplaced (either by you or some thief)."

What fairleads are compatible with our mounting plate?
99% of the popular winch roller fairlead brands fit our mounting plate including Warn(TM), Quadratec(TM), Superwinch(TM), Smittybilt(TM), and many more. Please check with your winch manufacturer if you still are not sure about compatibility.

Where is this mount made?
This product, like all RH4x4 parts, was designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and if applicable, powder coated, and shipped in the USA. And we don't mean the 75% legal standard to be able to say Made in USA. We are 100% Made in the United States of America!

All winch roller fairleads with standard sized hook.