Smittybilt U.F.O. Safety Light

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The Emergency UFO Flare (Universal Flashing Object) is a must have accessory for every vehicle or emergency bag. This easy to use flare is made from bright LEDs that are visible for up to a mile away, helping to make sure you're visible on the trail or on the side of the road.

Using the Emergency UFO Flare instead of traditional flares increases your safety. While traditional chemical flares are not only bad for the environment with their high levels of perchlorate, they are also a fire hazard. Traditional flares have been known to accidentally spark fires and ignite cars or brush. Those risks are practically eliminated with the Emergency UFO Flare. Since the Emergency UFO Flare uses LED technology, overheating or accidental ignition are no longer concerns.

Made from durable construction, the Emergency UFO Flare can be thrown into the trunk of a car or placed in a go-bag without having to fear breaking or accidental ignition. Another helpful feature is the strong magnetic back that can be attached to any metal surface, or they can be hung from a side mirror with the attached lanyard. Be prepared with the Emergency UFO Flare.